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  • : Oiseau Netique Epigloptaire
  • Oiseau Netique Epigloptaire
  • : Flap ... l'oiseau se pose et puis dépose ... "Dans le désert de ma Pensée S'est envolée la femme oiseau Marquée par l'altérité Dune anamorphosée aux ciseaux"
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9 février 2010 2 09 /02 /février /2010 22:06



Love is like poppy
Red and so pretty
You want to catch it
Just a little bit

Love is so funny
But so transitory
You bring it in your mind
Nothing you can find

Love is like a game
Golden flowers fame
You play for winning
Often for crying

Love will be a colour
Behind a small door
When heart knocks your soul
In love you may fall


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24 septembre 2009 4 24 /09 /septembre /2009 19:59

Let me go flying to your nest

Singing like a bird in the sky

I promise, I will eat humble pie

Becoming cream of crop and your best


And my tears going down to your mouth

Like a leaf falling down from the tree

You will stay all my life my one South

Over the hill till the end by the sea



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4 mars 2009 3 04 /03 /mars /2009 11:03


Who is this bird which transports its dreams
To the melted infinite of knotty feelings
Flying to the shamelessness of fragrances and fevers
From naked body full of scars on fire

Who is this bird with this so proud look
That we forget the pains which corrode him inside
The tears which run out in lethal waves
Reveal the weakness of the pedant poet

The words which he uses are precise blades
Cutting in the ache large chips of joy
Strident feelings and undecided fears
Incandescent fierce attacks of shimming colors

Who is this animal which hides in the man
Howling of pleasure in famished belly
Sullying with desire this indecent alms
With the concupiscent Gods without being alarmed

Who is this bird with this majestic flight
His eyes are so piercing that it bursts the hearts
Vibrating with divine wind, a little bit impetuous
Subjected without remission to the law of your charms

Who is he, what does he want, what is his name
From where does he come, what does he make, has he congener ones
Is this strange bird only virtual
Or is he only a breath which makes despair

The song which penetrates and infiltrates us suavely
In echo rebounds in a true clamor
Beyond the borders and covers us with lava
Subsided by the hand which preserves your heart



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8 octobre 2008 3 08 /10 /octobre /2008 09:53



Sour voices of my soul blowing wind
Cry in the morning shade, song of her
With this tall tinny insect lost in mind
Innocent rise bud of colored flower

White chalk inlaid by wrong and false words
Fairy tales drawn like a talk in the dark night
My feelings are scared by a glittering sword
From a past nightmare revealed in a fight

That song sung in the fog of the dreams
Gives a sense to the fling honey bees
Moon lights dance golden fish in a stream
Macaw painted by a brush without fees

Remains in me the smell of grass mowed
Like a strange animal soaked with life
Going up on that way so crowded
With a love evidence to be rife


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2 septembre 2008 2 02 /09 /septembre /2008 14:33


 Tambourine is my heart

 Grief is in my soul

 For soft nesses thoughts

 Which vibrate under your charm


 These " if " which hurt me

 Carrier of deep feelings

 Return of me to the animal

 And lost for good


 The image which is encrusted

 With saffron colors

 Gives to the Etruscan veil

 The glare of the East


 Tambourine is my heart

 Grief is in my soul

 Future is carrying

 Salt and not tears

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4 juillet 2008 5 04 /07 /juillet /2008 16:13

Flap ... At what game God is he playing ?

Mais à quoi joue Dieu ? Et qui sommes nous, nous si petits, si faibles, face à ces débauches d'énergie ? 

Antennae Galaxies

This image of the Antennae galaxies is the sharpest yet of this merging pair of galaxies. During the course of the collision, billions of stars will be formed. The brightest and most compact of these star birth regions are called super star clusters.

The two spiral galaxies started to interact a few hundred million years ago, making the Antennae galaxies one of the nearest and youngest examples of a pair of colliding galaxies. Nearly half of the faint objects in the Antennae image are young clusters containing tens of thousands of stars. The orange blobs to the left and right of image center are the two cores of the original galaxies and consist mainly of old stars criss-crossed by filaments of dust, which appears brown in the image. The two galaxies are dotted with brilliant blue star-forming regions surrounded by glowing hydrogen gas, appearing in the image in pink.

The new image allows astronomers to better distinguish between the stars and super star clusters created in the collision of two spiral galaxies. By age dating the clusters in the image, astronomers find that only about 10 percent of the newly formed super star clusters in the Antennae will survive beyond the first 10 million years. The vast majority of the super star clusters formed during this interaction will disperse, with the individual stars becoming part of the smooth background of the galaxy. It is however believed that about a hundred of the most massive clusters will survive to form regular globular clusters, similar to the globular clusters found in our own Milky Way galaxy. The Antennae galaxies take their name from the long antenna-like "arms" extending far out from the nuclei of the two galaxies, best seen by ground-based telescopes. These "tidal tails" were formed during the initial encounter of the galaxies some 200 to 300 million years ago. They give us a preview of what may happen when our Milky Way galaxy collides with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy in several billion years.

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration

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6 juin 2008 5 06 /06 /juin /2008 11:47

To want 
By love
For always 
To relieve 
Sorrows and pains

To know 
Your sorrows 
Your things 
To understand 
How beats your heart

 To be able 
Without wounding 
Without stopping 
To cherish 
Your hands with soft nesses

To drive 
In the moment 
Your naked body
Gilded by splendor


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15 avril 2008 2 15 /04 /avril /2008 09:16


Down and up
Keep your face
Smiling shut
One for ace

Crazy steal
Through a love
You're devil
Two for dove

Words for pain
So mystic
Three for rain

Fire in sky
Shining stars
Eyes from fly
Four for war

Black knights soul
Lost heaven
Fight so full
Five remain

Song for fears
Savage birds
Flow the tears
Six for third

By the way
Hope in heart
Shy stairway
Seventh art

Roots in rusts
Winter trees
Choose you must
Eight nest bees

Music goes
Broken chain
Human so
Nine and ten


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21 décembre 2007 5 21 /12 /décembre /2007 10:34
Flap ... for a funny dodo bird landing  scratchhhhhh ...

on the path
I walk

openned mouth

Light in mind

broken heart
I smile

child spirit



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9 octobre 2007 2 09 /10 /octobre /2007 19:07





Blue eyes sleeping in white snow
Glittering like a star behind the bright shadow
You smile freezing all my feelings
To my broken heart in an icy dream

Small insect surfing in the waves
Through the light of a deeply cave
You look forward to see me again
Black points in the red of my kindly pain
Away always the wind brings the song
Of an animal hoping for a long
Shared love in a fairy day
Coming late after yesterday

I walk among the colors unknown
My sword fighting against the rainbow
Dragon fireballs in a magic world
Where can’t live any little bird


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